Customer Feedback

I have just received my order and i want to thank you all for it. The products are simply amazing I am glad that I ordered from your company. Being glass,They were packed with all the proper care Thank you very much Femora team Your hard work paid

Sanaa Momin

Mumbai, India
20 May, 2020
This oil dispenser is value for money as far as I can see. It has a proper stopper so the remaining oil will be fresh. Looks great on any kitchen counter also it's easy to fill. Perfect pour, the tops stay on. Arrived quickly and well packaged to prevent breakages. I bought this for my sister when she opened it, she was very happy and surprised with the quality and thickness of the glass. Good buy

Sunitha Reddy

Bangalore, India
19 Mar, 2020
There should not be a second thought for buying it. Easy to clean. Durability is user-specific as it's of glass. I would like to add that the design of the lid is very much functional..just take out the brush and keep it on the container.


Noida, India
19 Mar, 2020
I have been searching for such a product for brushing my parathas and for baking. Although there are so many alternatives like single brushes and cone brushes.. they waste your oil/butter more rather than spreading it evenly. Since this one has the container attached with the brush, there is no wastage and it's real easy to use and maintain. Go for it.

Bidisha G

Gurgaon, India
19 Mar, 2020
5/5 in terms of Quality, Good at Insulation keeps the Tea very well heated for a long time Even straight under the airflow of Fan... 5/5 In terms of Quantity, it can contain up to 3-4 cups of Tea 5/5 for Delivery too, was very well packed in foam, bubble wrap, and the Box...


Pune, India
19 Mar, 2020
Very nice and good designed product. It is useful for tea purposes and it is of good quality. Very good as a showpiece in front of guests. The beautiful design of tea double wall glass.


Bangalore, India
19 Mar, 2020
The products are really good. It looks so good on the kitchen counter. I bought an oil bottle and jars. Good quality and service. Highly recommended


Delhi, India
19 Mar, 2020
Femora is like a dream come true is a part of my dream kitchen .my heartfelt ,who makes it sooo easy n quick in understanding wt I exactly want n delivers the quickest possible :)). I super highly recommend buying it without a second thought :) ty femora :)

Mrs Ashwini Rajesh

Bangalore, India
26 Feb, 2020
The quality of the femora products are good and priced right. I will definitely recommend the products.


business, Bangalore, India
23 Jan, 2020
Products are gr8...and more than this their service z just superb...

Richa Kaushik

Chandigarh, India
17 Jan, 2020
I m using femora products from past six months and I m 100%satisfied with all the products that I m using . They are hygenic durable and cost friendly.

Priya sethi

Lucknow, India
17 Jan, 2020
Thanks to femora for the best product .I bought set of 4 mixing bowls of 700ml,1650ml,2100ml,2650ml for Rs.1,538. Very happy with the product, delivery, and after service .The customer care is very good and answers every questions and doubts. Already recommended femora to all my friends . And I will be using all these products in my youtube channel "AnDz WORLD" .

Akhil V V

Aeronautical Engineer, Ghaziabad, India
30 Dec, 2019
Quality of product is Excellent. Also, Customer Service is awesome since they had taken care of the deliverables till the product reach to the customer on-time. We bought around 100+ items for the function and the packaging also very nice they had taken care the Glass items well. All the best team for your future


Software Engineer, Chennai, India
18 Dec, 2019
Great products and customer care


Uttar pradesh, India
14 Dec, 2019
Very good handling of the order. Happy with the product and the delivery. The team that handled post sale queries appeared to be very knowledgeable and we providing specific answers as compared to generic answers we get from call canter agents. Keep it up!


THANE, India
07 Dec, 2019
I salute Femora's work ethics and after sales support. I got the wrong product (in volume) and reimbursed the entire amount without much issue. I love their product range and will be a perpetual customer for sure.

Raja Singh B

Trivandrum, India
10 Nov, 2019
femora after sales service is very good

manohar singh rathore

jaipur, India
16 Oct, 2019
Great product and great after sales service. Product quality is just awesone.

Saurabh Lopes

Virar West, India
21 Sep, 2019
Femora after sales service is excellent.. they stand by their promise. Please keep up this standard and quality. Am happy to be Femora’s customer..


Chennai, India
26 Aug, 2019
I purchased Femora popcorn maker And used it. In few minutes absolutely fluffy popcorn turned out to our delight. That too the red measuring cup cum lid helps to drip butter while the kernels pop out resulting in butter coated ones. Iove using it.

Mrs.Ranga , Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India
26 Jul, 2019
Received six 350 ml glass tumblers for water. Quality and finish good but the tumblers should have heavy bases as the current design makes the tumblers very light and look like laboratory beakers

Arup Kamal Deb

Faridabad, Sector 39, India
13 Jul, 2019
Highly recommend to buy!!!! I really love it quality is as expected... I'm looking to buy more products. Thank you Femora

Simon Awomi

Housewife, Dimapur, India
25 Mar, 2019
Product from Femora was great.Even the delivery And customer service was fast.So happy to buy products from Femora

Aishwarya R

Bangalore, India
23 Mar, 2019
Product and service of Femora is excellent.

Farhat Ahmad

Patna, India
09 Mar, 2019
Excellent service from femora. There was a small crack in kettle due to transportage. I have noticed after a month then I informed femora. They had acted immediately with replacement without any hassle. Any body can trust femora.Their after sale devices are remarkable Jacob

Jacob Mathew

Thiruvananthapuram, India
29 Jan, 2019
Oil is best kept in either steel or glass containers. So, I wanted to get a good quality oil dispenser and zeroed on this. The borosilicate glass is of good quality. The lid is metallic and the nozzle comes with a cap. The nozzle has the right kind of bend which makes sure that the oil doesn't drip after pouring. It comes with a one year warranty as well. The dispenser which I got started leaking after a month while pouring, may be because of the rubber washer ring inside the lid was not proper. I contacted their customer support team and they were very prompt in responding. They sent me a new dispenser right away. The new dispenser is working fine till now. Overall, it's a value for money product. If you are using one of those plastic dispensers, it's time to get rid of them and go for this.


Pune, India
27 Jan, 2019
Good bowls for regular microwave usage, but one of the bowls developed cracks after 6 weeks of usage. Contacted femora customer care and they sent a replacement in 4 days. Excellent after sales service by Femora.


Sys-Admin, Hyderabad, India
16 Jan, 2019
Femora products are really good..happy with my decision of buying femora containers.... value for money


Gurgaon, India
12 Dec, 2018
Before buying the product I compared it from other brands. But guys you are doing amazing job when it comes to your product and clients. Most of the online companies does not even bother after the first purchase but you take care of clients as if it's an eternal thing. Keep adding awesome products. Keep Growing! Keep Rocking!

Ayushi Singh

Financial Analyst, Gurgaon, India
29 Nov, 2018
Loved the bottles. Excellent pouring system. Good to hold. Wish they had come with the measuring scale.

Yojna Bahl

New Delhi, India
29 Nov, 2018
I bought air tight microwave prove 3set box.. its very good quality with less than market price.. seevice is also good. M satisfied with their products.

Snigdha Biswas

Beautician, Kolkata, India
17 Nov, 2018
Rajvizithi Singh
Heyy... received your product and its just amazing!The quality is super good!Thankyou femora team for sending me such an amazing product...looking forward to buy new products from femora!

Rajvizithi Singh

Fashion stylist, Ghaziabad, India
26 Oct, 2018
In love with these jars....I bough one to test how good it is...and was amazed at the light weight and air tight containers....keeps my snacks and masalas fresh.....planning to change my kitchen old jars to femora jars sets..


Bengaluru, India
25 Oct, 2018
This glass bottle from femora is just amazing and unbeatable in this price segment and in terms of its quality. A very good quality of materials are used as one can see with his own eyes when you see the bottle for the first time. This glass bottle have many factors which will lure you to buy for sure. A few like silicone grip in the middle and SS in bottle lid, 100% leakage proof which i have tested as a quality person. where other bottles failed in the leak test for 100% leakage proof this one passes with no question. Even i was amazed to see that and tested again and again for many times in the middle of the night. Crazy me.... Okay.... This glass bottle above all also free from harmful inclusion of lead and cadmium as i have confirmed it from the respondent personnel from femora and the experts who assures the quality and safety for the bottle and also the user which in my opinion is a big deal when it comes to users safety. Glass bottle is the healthiest bottle to store and to drink water from nowadays. As copper bottle are no copper at all after heating and treating just to make look a like copper and for creating market values which i have looked for more than a year and finally saw this supercool and awesome glass bottle.... I carry my bottle to my office and all the people loving it. A few have ordered the same green glass bottle from Femora. I would like to suggest for a carry case or a cover or a bag which gives more protection to the glass bottle while carrying it in a long run if it is possible. Thanks a ton for the bottle and everything. i believe that this glass bottle has established a synergy between the two which is really a great thing. GOD BLESS FEMORA WITH GOD SPEED. CHEERS......


Executive Quality Assurance, Chandigarh, India
23 Oct, 2018
Femora very good product n service....i receive my gifts osam jar...i liked..


Winner of Femora gift, Surat, India
23 Oct, 2018
Just received an amazing Femora container. Durable glass and airtight lid for storage. A definitely good product to try.

Radhika vohra

Mumbai, India
23 Oct, 2018
Just received femora product and must say it has excellent quality glass containers, made out of thick glass which can be used in microwaves too. Overall its very efficient product. And serves greatly to my storage needs.

Avani Khuthia

Mumbai, India
23 Oct, 2018
A good product range and prompt response to after sales queries. I had received some defective lids to some containers, they replied promptly and immediately sent a replacement. Thanks.

Bharati Ahuja

Partner, Ahmedabad Area, India, India
19 Oct, 2018
Last time I have order mixing bowl, it's really awesome..well packed n delivered on time.. Quality is excellent..reasonable price..planning to purchase few more stuff....

Usha Sapkal

Navi Mumbai, India
18 Oct, 2018
It's an excellent product with elegant and smart looks


Gurgaon, India
18 Oct, 2018
So far I have purchased a few of femora products.I like the femora products for its cute finish.I wish I could purchase all its products


14 Oct, 2018
I am satisfied with the brand Femora.. the product quantity is very good at convenient price and the executive is very helpful and supportive. thanks for the lovely gift with awesome quality, That's shows how you guys treat your customers and importance of them. Big thumbs-up.

Mohammad Yusuf

Jaipur, India
12 Oct, 2018
I bought glass containers with alot of hesitation but whn i used the first set I was so so happy with the quality that i have actually replaced all plastic boxes i was using at home .. the best part is the quality of the Glass... its so crystal clear . the best gift idea too.. Special mention of their customer support system , it's above n beyond excellence.. so helpful and efficient.. I bought the copper water bottle and very happy with that too... highly recommend..

Sakshi Chhabra

Kolkata, India
11 Oct, 2018
We received the product and it was distributed to the team. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the product quality. It is a very good value for money and very good quality. Thank you very much for the support you provided on this.

Tanmay Prakash

Principal Consultant, Bangalore, India
10 Oct, 2018
Femora products are very good and useful for day to day storage in the kitchen, including the fridge and freezer. They have an excellent range and an equally good replacement policy in case of any issue( normally NOT) with any product.


Advisor-Ground Water, faridabad- Delhi NCR, India
06 Oct, 2018
Sonu Manghnani
Hi received your packet .amazing stuff .your executives were very good they helped me a lot with the problem I had bluedart .big thanx to them.

Sonu Manghnani

Delhi, India
05 Oct, 2018
The one i order was not in stock still the one they send me was a fabulous design and am loving it. Thank you for your generous help and contacting me in person and your quick action. Looking forward for more ventures and order aoon


MD, Mentor Academy, Dimapur, India
18 Sep, 2018
The products are awesome as well as the quality

Disha sood

18 Sep, 2018
hi. me satisfy from products n Quality.. n such very good service from FEMORA... my wish again n again shope crockery from FEMORA...

Disha Barot

Disha Barot, palitana, India
18 Sep, 2018
Sameeksha Sharma
I bought microwave safe bowls from Femora,they are really amazing. While baking at home there is always a chance of finding less bowls to use for keeping the desired things. What better can i get than Femora microwave safe bowls which help me in using my things nomally as well as while putting it in the microwave Thumbs up to the Femora company for launching such amazing and utility products for customers. The price is also convenient and product quality is also excellent.

Sameeksha Sharma

Jammu, India
18 Sep, 2018

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