Femora High Steel Rectangle Lunch Box Container for Office

  • Healthy Family, Happy Family: Instead of using plastic lunch boxes, you can keep your family safe by using these BPA-free and Toxic-free stainless steel lunch boxes.
  • Safely use them to carry lunch to office, or school. Store any food, spices.
  • Lightweight: It is very easy for everyone to carry these to office, school because these containers like lunch boxes are so lightweight even though they are very sturdy.
  • Easy to Clean: These are dishwasher safe. You can also clean them with water and soap. Since they are made of stainless steel, they will have a sparkling shine every time you wash them.
  • Store & Stacking: These rectangle containers can be stacked one inside the other, making it easy to store. Femora Assured: 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty.
    • Good Health
      Good Health
    • 1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
      1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
    • Recyclable & Reusable
      Recyclable & Reusable
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    Product Details:

    Particulars:- Product Details
    Product Name:-
    Stainless Steel Lunch Box
    Brand:- Femora
    Model Number:- FMSTL-LCH-BGN
    Color:- Silver
    Package Content:- 1 set
    Warranty Period:- 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty.

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