Femora Borosilicate Glass Round Mixing Bowl 400ml, 1050ml, 1650ml, 2100ml, Set of 4

SKU: FMMXBWL400_1050_1650_2100-01
1. Mix anything from cake batter to salads to eggs to sauces and everything in between, these versatile borosilicate bowls will quickly become your go-to food prep dishes! Because they are borosilicate glass, they will not leech unhealthy chemicals into your food, and they will not stain or absorb odors. 2. Pop your bowl in the oven, stick it in the fridge to cool off, and reheat it in the microwave, all without shattering the glass. No need to start transferring leftovers to a new container. Simply store this bowl in your refrigerator, and then pop it in the microwave to warm up when you are ready for round two. Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup. 3. Capacity (ML): 400 ML_1050 ML_1650 ML_2100 ML || Package Contents: 4 pc Mixing Bowl. 4. Dimensions (cm):I-13*7,II-16.9X8.8,III-19X9.5, IV- 20.9X10.3. 4. Material : Borosilicate Glass. 5. Resist Temperature : +300 C to -5 C. 6. Microwave Safe , Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe. 5. 1 Year warranty against thermal shock.
  • Good Health
    Good Health
  • 1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
    1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
  • Recyclable & Reusable
    Recyclable & Reusable
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ProductMixing Bowl
Capacity (ML):
400 ML_1050 ML_1650 ML_2100 ML
Package Contents:
4 pc Mixing Bowl
Dimensions (cm):
I-13*7, II-16.9X8.8, III-19X9.5, IV- 20.9X10.3
Material :
Borosilicate Glass
Resist Temperature :
+300 C to -5 C

Product description

You can cook, serve and store in one cookware without having to use a single pot or pan. Femora mixing bowls are the perfect choice to store food and cook food in the microwave/oven. Pop the leftovers in the fridge or the freezer without the need to transfer them to a container. The mixing bowl comes with a 1 Year warranty against thermal shock

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