Clear Glass Gold Metallic Steel Glass Jars - 900ML,1300ML, 1750ML, Set of 3

  • Clear Glass is far safer than plastic JARS .Many plastic Canisters contain BPA's which can seep into your food or beverages. Exposure to BPA has health effects on infants and young children .Lead free and approved by the FDA, these clear glass steel jars are a healthy alternative to toxic plastic.
  • Ensure a quality seal with each lid,seal up freshness for long term storage! Your favorite dry foods, snacks, pasta, coffee beans, and cookies will remain fresher longer! A screw on metal lid with a rubber seal keeps your food fresher longer. Prevent your sugar from getting hard, your cookies from getting stale, and keep your flour bug free. Use these canisters!
  • This is designed with you in mind.These kitchen canisters are made of clear glass so that you can easily see what's inside.You'll never worry again about can not find your food.
  • Dimension: 8 X 11.5 X 14.5cm, Capacity : 900 ml || 8 X 11.5 X 19.5cm, Capacity : 1300 ml ||8 X 11.5 X 24.5cm, Capacity : 1750 ml
  • 1 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect
    • Good Health
      Good Health
    • 1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
      1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
    • Recyclable & Reusable
      Recyclable & Reusable
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    ParticularsProduct Details
    Product Name
    Clear Glass Gold Metalic Steel Glass Jars
    Model NumberFMOCT-195ABC
    Capacity (ML)i-900 ML, ii- 1300 ML, iii- 1750 ML
    Package Content3 Pcs
    Warranty Period1 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect.

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