Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl Set - 400ml Set of 4

1. Easy to use and easy to take care of, microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe for over 300 degrees Celcius Content: 4 pcs || Capacity: 400 ML 2. 1 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect 3. Dimension{ Diameter X Height} -130*70 MM||Capacity (ML) : 400ml 4. Mix anything from cake batter to salads to eggs to sauces and everything in between, these versatile borosilicate bowls will quickly become your go-to food prep dishes! Because they are borosilicate glass, they will not leech unhealthy chemicals into your food, and they will not stain or absorb odors.
  • Good Health
    Good Health
  • 1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
    1 Year Door Step Replacement Warranty
  • Recyclable & Reusable
    Recyclable & Reusable
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Product Details

Product NameMixing Bowl
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Capacity400 ML
Dimensions (mm):
{ Diameter X Height} -130*70 MM
Package ContentSet of 4
Warranty Time1 Year
Warranty Detail1 Year Door Step India Replacement Warranty

Product description

Cooking & Baking

Do you love cooking and baking with your kids? Good, because these are the bowls set to get your children involved in the mixing, tossing, and baking process. The bowls’ durable grip keep the process mess-free with no spills or or slips in the kitchen. The borosilicate glass material is more suitable for than any other material for using microwave safe.

Do's and Don'ts

1. Can be used in a microwave or electric oven. Not for use over direct flame

2. Pre-heat convection oven before use for best results

3. Do not put the hot dish on a cold or wet surface

4. Allow the hot dish to cool slightly before adding any cold liquid to the food

5. Allow dishes with very hot food to reach room temperature before putting it into the fridge/freezer

6. Do not use abrasive cleaners to ensure that glass stays scratch-free

7. Do not use plastic lids in the microwave

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